Wednesday, October 17, 2012

pick your side!


Aren’t you tired of hearing things like
  • “Women are worse drivers than men?”
  • If a man is unfaithful, he apologizes by saying he’s just a guy and every guy does that. If a girl cheats, she’s a whore.
  • If a man is heartbroken, he’s a sensitive soul. If one woman is sad, she’s whining too much!
  • Men are better at physical activities such as sports, rock-climbing or canoeing.


Don’t you just get sick of hearing things like
  • “Men are slobs”
  • In relationships, men can’t be trusted.
  • When women use beauty products, it’s “normal”. When men use beauty products, people are like, “Seriously?”.
  • When men enjoy chick flicks, they’re “weak”.

Well it’s about time we have our say on this and prove them wrong, don’t you think?