Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Ayah :)

 A Father .

A father never wants to see
His child go astray
Everyday he tries his best
To help you on your way

Knows at times you'll have to fail
Learn things on your own
No matter how it hurts to see
His baby bird has flown

Protector of a youthful heart
Consoler of all pains
A hero in the eyes of love
The blood within your veins

Child love your father now
Give him all your praise
Our time in life is limited
Wisely use these days
Give back all he's given you
This love is something rare
It's flow is unconditional
Strength beyond compare

(poem atas ni search google je . lg pn xmungkin ad org caye yg ak mampu wt poem atas ni . teheee! )

Thanxx Ayah .
4 listening n caring ,

4 giving n sharing ,

Especially 4 just being U!
Love Ayah so much .