Thursday, May 27, 2010

T o d a y . .

I feel unwell
Headache in very cold room
Abdominal pain
Hunger . .
I need some food .
I need some water .
But, I only have a sandwich in my bag .
Mineral water in cup .

In the office, I saw . . .
Selfish each other
People who want to help me
People who want to make us fell
Difficulties in life
Busy working
Negative opinions about me .
Hey ! what's wrong with u, dude ? !
^&*I#*%%$%^&*@+*-/@#!_*&%$^! !

In my life, I feel . . .
Around the bleak
Those words offensive
Public enemy
Failure in life
Explaining sumthing difficult
Vacancy in life .
Non-STOP problems .

Ouh, damn !
This really hurts .
I cannot handle this situation !

I do very B A D L Y ?

Am iI S E L F I S H ?

AM i S T U P I D ?

Am i C R U E L ?

Am i E V I L ?

I don't know who REAL me ?

Sumtimes, I can be sumone else .
Without realizing who am I ?
I have N E G A T I V E thoughts .
Which can D A M A G E the whole of my life .
do I have a P O W E R
DESTROY for all the negative  thoughts ?

I was very L U C K Y if I can do that !
Tinking about it !